Friday, September 7, 2012

Three at Mergrande

As teh entrance welcome you to one of teh local destination here in davao City. Margarnde Resort. (also known as Villa Victoria).

For more info:

and so the three of us are here just becuase we're bored! hahaha

one of my favorite spot os this pool side full of hangging flowers...

I didn't notice my friend had a shot of this twice!! ahhaha

my never ending post according to my boyfriend ahahha

I just felt so young :)

this is me and our gurl Joan...

me and Joan ( she likes to be a model anyway....)

and here she was trying to be a model and I am not sure what am I doin here hahaha

feeling like a superstar on that pose and she's enjoyin my moment with the camera haha

(i wonder what am I thinkin on this!)

here's another photo of us.. I am not sure If we had an intention of having our nose hole be seen intentionally or ....

the camera does that and I am a model!!!! we both are... hehe

and here we go again the two camwhore!! me and my bestfriend angel

it's a test of friendship and I won offcourse hehe

I ahd a feeling this two will look good together hehe

so whose prettier...

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