Sunday, October 28, 2012

AZTEC Skirts!!

Alright, and so I decided to create something as my project every month starting TODAY. hahaha.. and for teh month of Novemeber, I welcome AZTEC Prints to my world.

Ive always been jealous with bubbles one of my favorite online store( I dont really buy stuffs online -) but I like her products and beacuase of that Im gonna have this project!! :)

and I will focus myself wit skirts♥♥♥ see you soon AZTEC!♥

-photos are from the internet-

Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY: Fabric Accesories

Good day jingles!♥

Well today Im sick but had so much fun last night doing my textile project. It's been 3 days and I am so obssesed with making necklaces and bracelesta out of fabrics. Ive done some of it before thou. ( thats my problem, if i love to do something -like painting .. its really gonna eat my time, sometimes I forgt to eat...and after a week or two, Im gonna throw them all away. hahaha). So as much as I could I'm going to make evrythin thats comes up before my will pass. haha

So here are some of my inspirations:

  and here are some of my own works:  

I used beads ( i love it because its like animal printed)
a blck cotton cloth out of my old clothes which I repaired
and a gold chain I bought from Gaisano

I had a problem with the lock so I watch some video tuturials

here is just a strip of colth I used with black and brown beads, chains gold, black and silver from Gaisano Mall.
its beybi Krista wore my first ever textile + chain necklace.

I have alot more but Imma aupload teh pics tomorrow.. :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Morning Exercise

Hello again bloggers:) Here I am agian tryin to pissed evryones afternoon hahaha..

I know I am too sey to do exercise. (bleeh!) but I still love to because -there are a lot of cute guys right there hahaha.!

Monday, October 22, 2012


my boyfriend gave us this ticket :)

my first shot waitong for the taxi :)

me and Ryan

Ryan and Angel

blending with the crowd!! having FUN

Angel and Ryan: both hates ROCK lol but they came and still watch the bands with me: thanks guys...

that was Rico Blanco, Glock 9 and I dont recognize the others
shot by Angel

I really wish I was able to watch Kamikazee perform that night so sad I have to go home early. lols! kung di lang sana dahil sa...hahaha!! anyway Thank you Tanduay:)

Braided Bracelets

DIY Fashion Braided Bracelets:

I will have a lot more.... soon..


I am so pissed off right now. Super like I wanna explode!

I am in a very complicated realtionship with my boyfriend. He got a 4 year old child with his f*ckin abnormal ex girlfriend Twila Mae Guino-o. (that's just to give you a background)

Last Friday night Davao hosted the Tanduay Rum 5 years Rock Festival, It is one of teh biggest Rock Fest in the country I may say. I have been waiting for this. I really wanted to go.

A day before the Rock Fest my boyfriend says I should not go because he doesnt wnat me to be ther for his ex-girlfriend was there. (Girls, If you were in my place hearing these words from your boyfriend what would you feel? ) off course I insisted, whatta reason! You prefered to be with her than being with me?? Is that it??

But anyway he gave me ticket and it's SPONSORS so we had a chance to be in front and see the starts upclose. I brought a camera with me unfortuantely I am unable to shot because I have to stay away from teh bastards to avoaid the EX which is right there?? SEE?? I am teh girlfriend and I am teh one acting like a criminal or somethin.

The night was full of fun thanks to some friends.. who where there for me:) until around 1:30 AM my boyfriend asked me to accompany him in the CR, near the exit area.

While waiting for him outside a girl came and slap me on my face! F*ck!! I was so excited facebooking for it was Chicosci and Parokya ni Edgar performing! We had a fight! yes a cat fight! my first ever...and will never be forgotten by me. Grabeh... My head really aches, my body and my neck!

My boyfriend punched her on her face and drew attention of all the policemen in teh airea afraid that my boyfriend be jailed we went home and let it pass anyway...

Hia! I really dont know what to say anymore..

I ma pissed off because We cant do nothing. I am pissed because I have a choice and I cant make it! I love my boyfriend and it hurts!..

Please help me...huhuhu

becuase I did not listen... look at those bruises...


Monday, October 15, 2012

Metrowalk with Era

This was taken February 16.2012 When I visited my friend Era (previously officemate/housemate/roomate).
I went ahead of my boyfriend a day earlier so I can be with my friend Era and we had a night out together..

First STOP: Starbucks Coffe @ Metrowalk, Ortigas
I am a coffe addict and I love Starbucks!! yeah...specially Caramel and mocha frap. but since I felt so cold that night (not so obvious I am wearing a spaghetti strap and a short shorts hahaha) I had espresso.

Me and Era I miss rdiding cycad from our apartment to Seven Eleven

We use to hang out together...and she would always ak me "Girl, pretty na ba ako?"and I would always answer her "YES girl"and she would respond "sinasabi mo lang yan kasi friend mo ako"hahaha I miss her sooo much!

You can't blame her... see? so sexy Era

and the nails...


It's her treat!!! that's the best part♥

Next STOP: Yohoo @Metrowalk with Era's friends

oh yeah...they're all beke and oh sooo fun ti be with!!

I really had a great night.. except that we head home at 5AM and I have to be at the airport at 7AM. grrr.. and my boyfriend had to wait for me for hours.. thank you for the MRT anyway...:)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Southern Voice

Video K is one of the most popular hang out/trip of most Filipinos, from teens to the oldies everybody loves singging...

I myself loves to sing though I seldom go to a video k bar..anyways.. I just want to share some of our pics yesterday

inspite of all the business lately I had time to join the video k! haha

with my RCCL family

from left: ate Ben, me, ate Cha, kuya Van, Miss Lei and ate Don

and and the head mistress

me with ate Ben and ate Donna

thats kuya Van's jacket I felt so cold... hahaha

What I wore:

black studed sleeveless top by Wonders
handmade pants: DIY jing
black flat shoes
black sling bag by secosana