Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where are you GENTLEMAN??

Of course, I'm not saying that there are no gentlemen anymore, just lesser everyday.
It has became a rare occasion for the chivalrous act of: "Ladies first".

There's still gentlemen that would hold the door for a girl, if she comes right behind him. 

Gentlemen, who would take a moment to help a poor girl who has just tripped 
or to offer a helping hand with her items scattered on the ground.
Gentlemen, graceful enough to give up a nearer parking lot for the one further up, 
when he spots a lady driver waiting, just so that she didn't have to walk too far.

Yes, I still do encounter them, thankfully.

But lately, I'm just really overwhelmed 
by the atrocious number of barbaric men that I've chanced upon...

Since I've been so immersed in my work; barely having any time to myself, 
I figured I would take the weekend off to party with my girlies. 

And within the same weekend, I had to cross path with more than 3 uncivilised men.

So if the guys turns out to be idiotic at you...he choice to be. 

"If a guy can't even respect other girls, forget him."

Where are the good old days? 
When I used to tell guys that I don't drink and they would quickly pour a glass of soft drink for me instead?

Oh! on a side note, a little tip here boys... If a girl says that she doesn't drink, 
don't take it the wrong way immediately. It's not a downright rejection! 

Ask, if she would like a non-alcholic drink, 
and you might just be pleasantly surprised with the positive answer that you could potentially receive!

Oh! I seldom drink like 1 glas of berr would be enough for me just because...
 I figured, why make myself suffer, right? 
Although I'm not cut out to drink, but that does not mean that I can't enjoy dancing and partying! 
It's the company that keeps my night going, not alcohol, that's all :)

(I do drink when I'm upset or being stupid once in a blue moon, 
but it will definitely be 1/10 of alcohol with 9/10 mixer lol)

I just have to put a picture...that's how I look like when am drunk. lol! I do drink sometimes :)

Frankly, I don't like to waste my time on uncivilised imbecile(s).
To me, so long as he didn't try to cause any harm or threats to my gfs, I'll just let things go.

So when you're at fault, instead of apologising, 
you get all boorish and ask people to call the police on you? LOL

Is it because they don't get punished legally for acting moronic in public 
or they think that they are "RICH", that they can get away with everything?

Because the next thing that came from my friend is: "Hey, I'm so so sorry... My friend's member 
so he thinks he's BIG and trying to find trouble randomly."

OH HELLO? Only you member ah MISTER? I've been a member since forever, 
NO BIG DEAL. You're looking like a joke, making a big fuss over it.

Well, I was there to take a breather from my workload, not to handle "juveniles". 

Hence, I brushed it off casually... 
Regained party mood with le girlfriends and danced till the lights came on!

Please guys. If you're tipsy, don't find trouble with someone as sober as me. 
It's just pure stupidity. 

Drunk troublemakers, here's a note: You can be caught and quarantined in the police station 
for at least 24 - 48 hours for making a nuisance in public. Also, drink drivers can serve
 a penalty of fine and imprisonment .

So don't you think that just because you didn't commit crime, 
you can get away scoot free like that :)

Gentlemen, where are you??

Gentlemen, please stand up.
Before we lose hope... I know that you are still out there!

Really, because I will never forget... 

There was the guy that offered to shelter me with an umbrella when I was stuck in the rain. 
The guy who gave up his seat on the train to me, 
when he saw that I couldn't balance well with my heels. 

And the guy that guided me all the way to my destination, 
when I didn't know the directions.     

Of course, a little appreciation goes a long way. 
Hence, responsibility lies with the ladies too!

Remember to show your gratitude and thank the men when you receive an act of chivalry :) 
excerpt (gentleman by Thydowager)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My kind of guy....

I want a good looking man, would you say I’m superficial?

I’m not saying that personality isn’t important. But personality enhances the look or detracts from it. It doesn’t replace it. I cannot say, oh, this dude has a heart of Jesus so it’s okay that he looks like taong grasa. I want guys who look like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp..or Ian Somerhalder which I believe the hottest man living in the world hahaha!

At this point i must regrettably admit that i have dated some guys who are average looking or even below average looking (according to my close friends), but whom at that point of time i think were rather OK looking, due to terribly impaired judgement (or my friend’s terribly impaired judgement), or complete loss of mind, either which i refuse to comment on.

I mean, who the hell wants to date an ugly guy??? Well I am not saying that my boyfriends are all good looking but at least you know they are all average Joe . But I have known alot of girls dated ugly fat guys for the reason that they are fucking rich. I mean I am not mean of those but the fact that those girls only dating then because of money hell!

I mean, maybe those girls actually like guys who have horrible sense of humor? Who knows? Right? Or they think bulging tummy is adorable or nice to sleep on. I don't really know And I’m not saying being a gold digger is wrong. I wish myself to be one if I could! But I fail. I stumble and trip at good looks and some yummy guys. And get stuck there. And face it. Wealth and look hardly ever mix. unless you are Mr. Brad Pitt.

 see those smiles?? oh gosh!

If i marry an ugly guy, my children are likely to look like a piece of shit too. Then the good part of my gene is bloody wasted just because i wanted to be able to afford some Gucci bags wtf? Sad right?

 Actually i have a confession to make. I always wanted to have a good looking babies especially if she's gonna be a girl. This kid of mine. She will have super chinita and she’s tall and she doesn’t need a rhinoplasty and she probably has green eyes or something. haha I may just be dreaming.

Think pedigree. If you have a champion bloodline Siberian Husky, would you stupidly go and mate it with some shit ass looking mongrel? (Unless the mongrel pays you shitloads of money, which again reinforces the fact that human is so driven by money.) It’s natural instinct to want to pursue the beautiful. Human or animals. But I am honestly not saying I have a beautiful bloodline that is why I need to be mixed up with one Ok? I badly need those and perhaps the none with a big amount of money on the bank.hahaha That would be PERFECT!

Conclusion,my kind of guy is a CUTE GUY with load of MILLIONS on the bank.

Will I be able to meet one?---arrgh!!!goodluck!

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Funny, funny and funny as ever, that is how I would describe Kim. AZ'in.!

Well, let me talk about him and our friendship together. We hardly knew each other for now but I am looking forward to know him more and be friend with him for a much longer time-is forever possible?

We're not so different but yer we are so different...

Let me talk about " he is my friend". It sounds as though that is what you've been experiencing with this particular friend. Relationships are dynamic — meaning, they change and evolve over time. How they change depends on the individuals in the relationship.
Well I must say, that everyday would be so flunk day-mood would be below normal if he is not there, not being attached as if I am dying ok? but the feeling that everything should be better if he is there. And I guess you should give me Kudos for this blog kimmy! hahaha. 
He spends most of his time at the office - that is a total of 13 hours a day which includes 9 hours of shift, and at least 3-4 hours at the office gym. Which made him look YUMMY-don't over react Kim. I may also say that this man -is not so man at all for he is so vain!!! and he talks gay linggo which I do not understand. My officemates would always refer to him as Johnny Bravo-which I believe is a compliment for him (is it Kimmy?) and some would call him Maya-which I believe he really does not care at all. 
He is a good cook-he has cooked for 15 people when we had our Surigao escapade. Pwede ka na mag-asawa Kimmy (he disagree with that proposition because he does not want to 
get marry) pathetic.! But I have one request thou- please cook pasta for me?

KURIPOT!- yes he is very thrifty,I do not know whether he is always like that to everyone but yeah I have accepted that fact. -as a matter of factly.
Maybe you guys would say-first how come would I be likely able to be buds with a person who's vanity is toward health and not with dresses? I guess I would not be able to answer that for now but as always said:  ayay ka!
couldn't have asked a better man... a better friend to be with, someone I know I can be myself, not being afraid of being mistaken, being different. Even though I feel very bummed he treated it so well, and never changed.

Thanks for the friendship BATA!!! kapoy na sulat! bubye!...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Selling yourself for a job Interview

Just home from a suppose job interview for a BPO company, since it was postpone for next week I decided to just simply read tips online on how to sell myself for a job interview-end up blogging instead haha.

It is always said that whenever you have a schedule job interview, preparation is the key. So I have compiled tips from online, 
 Know the company

  How is it performing? What is its mission statement and who are its customers? What are the interviewer's priorities and responsibilities? The more you know, the more you'll be able to ask informed questions about the job. You just don't simply throw yourself on something you don't have any idea with.

Make a winning first impression at the interview.

Be prompt, make eye contact and give a firm handshake. Dress one notch above what's expected for the position you're interviewing for. Do not overdress. You may end up getting all the attention on your dress rather than on your resume.

Master a one-to-two-minute "commercial" about yourself. 

Almost certainly you will be asked to respond to some version of the “Tell me about yourself” question. Memorize a short description of your background (education, experience, and skills) that matches your strengths to the job. Add a sentence or two about your curiosity, commitment, and drive to build mountains atop your already good skills base.

For example, don't just say you "work well with others" -- talk about the types of teams you've worked with and what you've learned from them. Or if you plan to say you're "detail-oriented," come to the interview prepared with a story about how your attention to detail saved a former employer money (or otherwise saved the day).

 Use positive scripting.

For example, whenever you give out your educational background information stress out the word CHANCE instead of saying I am an undergraduate.

I had a chance to study at______________ .

Be a perfect match for the job. 

Ask probing questions to demonstrate a genuine interest in the position. In the process, interview the interviewer to find out why the position is open. Get a sense of what the turnover rate is at the company, what the position's job track is, and how the company keeps its employees happy. You're trying to find out if you want to work for that company as much as they're trying to find out if they want you.

Develop a storytelling knack. 

Prepare short little true stories that support your claims of relevant skills and accomplishments. I always do this just to fill in the silence during the interview, however be always mindful that in doing so you risk blurting out harmful information. Be extra careful with the topic.

Be Aware of Nonverbal Communication

You say a lot about yourself with nonverbal language: your posture and your facial expressions, for instance. Sit up straight -- leaning forward can make you seem closed off, as can holding a briefcase or purse in your lap. Maintain eye contact when answering interview questions, and smile frequently. Also, practice your handshake with a friend: An overly aggressive handshake can be as off-putting as a limp one.Be keen.

Show the act of commitment: 
This is the close of the "sale." Make a statement such as, "If I can arrange my schedule to start on the date you would like and my references check out can you think of any reason why you wouldn't hire me?" Unlike most interviews that end with the interviewer saying, "We'll call you," this closing approach allows for honesty between you and the interviewer. You're communicating your interest in the position and if he or she is interested in you, you'll most likely get an indication at this point. 

Above all remember this:
Telephone interviews, preparation of written material such as the resume, networking, research, and good grooming--they're all important. But selling yourself during the interview is the most critical part of implementing your career or job change.