Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Made it!

Hello Jingles!

I had training for AVG ( It's an anti-virus software) and I love to call myself a software engineer now. hahaha! It's been almost a month since we had our product training, and if you gonna ask me what's the difference between this training from all of the other training I've been? well, this is the only training I spent almost 2 hours every night on studying. It's like I'm taking my advance engineering math and calculus all over again. 

But nevertheless all my efforts had paid me alot. I've gained friends, knowledge and opps... something trigger that heart of mine to tremble a little bit. It feels like high school once again, if you guys know what I mean hahaha!

The Among after hearing the good news!!! yey! It is time to celebrate!

 see those happy faces??

Matt treated us at for a mami:))

while waiting for Matt

thank you so much Matt♥

happy eating!!


Hagimit Falls

Hi Jingles! It's been a while since I blog. I miss blogging and I miss you all too. As my come back I would love to share one of the best places I've been here in Mindanao. Since this is the best place I've been in Samal island I would love to share this to everyone. I may not be the most athletic girl in the world but yeah I love to discover places and i love the beach! It happened so fast and we actually never planned to go the island. It was wednesday and I was with my new friends, (I blogged about them a while ago). 

 Hagimit Falls is just a small waterfall in the island that has natural swimming pools, and rock formations. It is suitable for those who want to have been relaxing moments and quick dip to fresh water. The water is very cold. This waterfall is definitely an excellent site for camping since there are some campsites available. It is well - covered with full - grown trees and different varieties of vegetation that grows along the riverbank. 

Here are some of our pictures:


The place is not yet fully developed, the forest was unspoiled. It is a quiet place where people come to take it slow. It is a nice get away, especially for those who are in need of a lazy break! Though his is not the best destination in Samal Island, but another break-taking spot to visit when you are spending a vacation on Samal. 

Rate :

  • Entrance Fee
    • Adult/Kids - Day Tour - Php 40.00
    • Open Cottage - Php 500.00
    • Close Cottage - Php 1000.00
    • Tables with Chair - Php 300.00
    • *Price may change without prior notice