Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ways to Wear a Skater Skirt♥

Skater skirt:  defined by a high-hitting waist, coupled with a femme, full skirt. Softly undulating pleats, tailored darts and sculptural corrugations refresh classic styles. Stiff fabrics hold form, offering a sharp antithesis to lightweight variants. Pretty all-over prints and placed motifs amp-up mono-toned skirts. The skater skirt adds a flirty dimension to springtime get-ups.

Lady Like: Simply cute and sophisticated. Pair your skater skirt with a long sleeved blouse tucked in. You may add an accessory like a belt or leave it as is (j\as shown above.) Complete your look with a pumps or a wedge to elevate your height. Show more legs!!! 

Edgy: Be edgy on your leather skater skirt just like this runway diva. Skater skirts are colorful. Stick with the basic darker colors can bring edgy look. Pair it with a jacket and a heels. Boots may do and you'll rock your way!

Be Hippy for eveyday loo... go with colorful or maong type of skater skirts:)

more looks check this out!


Monday, September 2, 2013

SEDA-The Walkaton


So I was with my friend Mellow (from work) and decided to drop by Abreeza for some refreshment and also to follow-up our job application. While on our way -I asked him to take a picture of me:) that's how I look like after 10 hours of work. hahaha

Jacket: Fashion 21
Top: gift from Angel Vic my bestfriend
Shorts: Cinderella
Shoes: Thrifted
watch: from Twelve
bag: Sophie

I was walking here with a poise after an hour I look like a raped victim after walking around Abreeza looking for the smoking area hahaha

When having Fun becomes Boring

Party music, chatting with friends, or even guzzling a gallon of tequila may be fun for a while, but eventually, it's going to make you feel like hell. The same is true of all faux-fun pursuits: You can identify them by their wretched aftermath.

The discomforts of alcohol abuse are obvious, but all faux fun creates a hangover. Have you ever had a conversation that seemed enjoyable but left you feeling wary or uneasy? Or being just with some is so fun but at the end of the day you thought of it just a waste of time?? Your instincts are telling you that at least part of the fun was false. I've experienced this after interactions where either I or some other person was dishonest, mean-spirited, or passive.

Fun is sometimes used to describe both the best and worst of human behavior. Bullies may torment others for "fun"; addicts may have "fun" that destroys their health and relationships. I'm using quotation marks because these forms of fun aren't really fun.

Now there are other types of fun, which young people now are hooked up to. This kind of fun includes sexual interaction. SEX, as a FUN activity. Someone, somebody just want to get laid and bump into someone that just wants to get laid with and they both go for it. 

I think that trying to cultivate any steady relationship strictly on a physical foundation is, in most cases, an effort with an eye towards an unrealistic expectation. But they're still having fun. HAHAHA!

At first it would be really great, like it always is in almost everything. Like you do it everywhere, almost all the time. You’ve fondled him /her on long drives, and it used to be a thing you do to see how many different places you could have sex and have fun and it was this fun, bonding thing you do together.

But when you do it it feels sort of rote and expected. You know? At first you were imaginative and discovering each other’s bodies. Now, though, it’s just sort of lackluster. You almost always do it at virtually the same time, in the same places, with the same finish that's when the said FUN is now BORING!!!

So what to do??

LET's FIND another FUN!~! haha