Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What to wear on Rainy Season

 Worrying what clothes to wear on a rainy season? Worry no more, here are some tips and advise on what to wear and what not to wear. 

Excited now?

 DO Wear:


Cardigans or otherwise known as a 'pull together' is a type of knit shirt that has an open front.
 Bring out your awesome sense of style by simply adding twist to the color of your inner shirt to the color of your cardigans. Styles and the type of clothes also varies. 

Here are samples of cardigans:


Leggings and tights are so visible these days.  Whether you want to stay warm or just look good I definitely recommend to have this on your closet. You can play with the different colors and style, match it up with a very cute boots or a high cut shoes. You will definitely get the crowd.

 What not to wear:


Wear clothes, bags and other materials made from suede or leather that hasn’t been treated with protectant can get easily spoiled when you expose it to rain. I suggest that you keep those at home and wear them when the weather clears up.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


In the paper that I have read you can learn about the many different ways of how dancing has came about. A great dancer must have a good gravity balance, they must know how to breathe when moving, and a great flow of energy when they dance. From what I have read, it just makes me want to become more active into my dancing skills. There are so many wonderful people who have been dancing there entire life’s and have made a huge impact. I think that at times you must have some kind of experience in order to be a very good dancer.


Its been a while since I danced in front of a crowd. The last time I did I guess was year 2007 with my best friend.  I have gotten to learn a little on moving with control. Hands down a dancer have to be great.

and yeah! I am feelin it right now...I AM A DANCER:)


I thought I had found the perfect person a person whom I may focus my life with after him..I maybe wrong on finding love, on finding someone to love me back..on assuming that he likes me too but it only took about a week for that to end. It only took me a week to realize he does not like hurts like hell! I thought...he could make me feel better but as it turns out, it was only added strife.

I failed the test.  I thought you would stay with me, at least for a bit but you decided it was better just to quit. I thought life was worth living for a moment in time that someone like you could love me back ( I know it sounds stupid to ask for someone to to love you back because I am neither in love with him) but honestly, I wish he was mine.  I thought the hunger inside me had to be fed but now I know I was just being misled.I hate this feeling. 

Not able to notice my teardrop trickled down my face. As I sat here listening to this song  the sadness from that first teardrop evaporate into the sky above, I could feel the dampness from a second teardrop as it came to a rest in the palm of my hand. It has always been this way. I keep asking myself why do I have to feel this way? Honestly, I already know it from the start but I do not know why I still feel this feeling. It hurts inside.

As I sat on this side of the room absolute silence surrounded only by the darkness, and chill of that mid February night. I tried to envision the happiness that had once surrounded my body like the universe surrounding the earth. Am I not suppose to have a happy valentines? I am sad, and I do not want to be sad!

But no worry... this are all just a drama from a drama queen named Jing. I have to say goodbye to you my dear Mr. bye for now...and good luck!