Saturday, February 16, 2013


I thought I had found the perfect person a person whom I may focus my life with after him..I maybe wrong on finding love, on finding someone to love me back..on assuming that he likes me too but it only took about a week for that to end. It only took me a week to realize he does not like hurts like hell! I thought...he could make me feel better but as it turns out, it was only added strife.

I failed the test.  I thought you would stay with me, at least for a bit but you decided it was better just to quit. I thought life was worth living for a moment in time that someone like you could love me back ( I know it sounds stupid to ask for someone to to love you back because I am neither in love with him) but honestly, I wish he was mine.  I thought the hunger inside me had to be fed but now I know I was just being misled.I hate this feeling. 

Not able to notice my teardrop trickled down my face. As I sat here listening to this song  the sadness from that first teardrop evaporate into the sky above, I could feel the dampness from a second teardrop as it came to a rest in the palm of my hand. It has always been this way. I keep asking myself why do I have to feel this way? Honestly, I already know it from the start but I do not know why I still feel this feeling. It hurts inside.

As I sat on this side of the room absolute silence surrounded only by the darkness, and chill of that mid February night. I tried to envision the happiness that had once surrounded my body like the universe surrounding the earth. Am I not suppose to have a happy valentines? I am sad, and I do not want to be sad!

But no worry... this are all just a drama from a drama queen named Jing. I have to say goodbye to you my dear Mr. bye for now...and good luck!

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  1. Awww.. been there! Anyway, there's always out there much better for you. Do remember that.. =))



you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo