Monday, January 23, 2012

Kung hei fat choi!

hello fireness!!

It's the year of the water dragon!! so,. do you have any Chinese new year resolution??? or do you even care about celebrating Chinese new year?? haha for some it is somewhat just a  so so day but for our fellow Chinese - Filipino people... " Kung hei fat choi! ". 

Chinese has a lot of tradition, they believe in luck, signs, and etc.. 

and here is mine:  ( SNAKE 1989 )

  For Snake, the difficulties of the year 2012 will seem not quite so pervasive - he can avoid sharp corners, and will calmly work in a planned manner, focusing on his own subtle intuition and natural wisdom. He cannot be mislead by a grand speech or tinsel glitter of carnival for he is used to seeing things from the inside, inside out, pinpointing the worthiest and most perspective ones among them. Snake will try to turn around all possibilities and problems in affairs for the maximum benefit for himself, and if this his activity will be active throughout the whole year of 2012, Snake will be the winner among all members of the zodiacal circle.

In early 2012, the position of the planets is favorable for Snake's activities. But a representative of this zodiac sign, having reached some success in work, may make a mistake, significantly slowing down his operations, while stopping at what has already been achieved. Moving forward is the key to successful development of all Snake's affairs, so any stopping can indefinitely push aside the success. Snake's tendency to analyze, draw conclusions, and predict will be a good assistant in planning. In the spring of 2012, Snake's quiet activity may encounter adverse currents, caused by conflict at work, gossip and backstage intrigues. Snake must remain neutral so as not to be dragged into these unproductive and unnecessary squabbles. By the end of spring, Snake may get a proposal for a new position or work, and must strive to assert himself in the activities, rather than in interpersonal conflicts. In summer, when all other zodiac signs will be quite content with a quiet, smooth flow of affairs, Snake will have to meet the intense pace of work. Snake is a good strategist, he can select keys for all the necessary locks at work, but a representative of this zodiac sign is rather clumsy in relations with others, and may show indifference to them, reject their views or completely reject collective work. Snake's pedantry and over adherence to principles can ruin very promising projects that can be triumphant in a more conducive working atmosphere in a team. In the autumn of 2012, Snake will witness a quiet period when he can take stock and assess what has been done. Snake in the autumn can relax a bit. Efforts to strengthen partnerships will be effective during this period.

Whatever the case, Snake's personal life is both his rear and a source of pride and well-protected haven of comfort and tranquility. Snake in the coming 2012 will be full of charm and charisma, he will easily find a mate - if, of course, he/she is interested in such a matter. A married Snake will receive during fall unexpected pleasant news from relatives. He/she will strengthen relationship with a partner, take care of loved ones and help everyone who needs help.

and to celebrate Chinese New Year here's my look for today!

orange for today...

love this bag...yes I do!

its me and my friend joan.. isn't she beautiful??

Here's my zodiac..

Libra 2012 Predictions (September 23 - October 23) Libra 2012 Predictions Intelligent, well mannered and possessing a subtle sense of superiority, Libra, uniquely represented by an inanimate object, balancing scales, in the zodiac, is the epitome of both balance and calmness. These rather composed, charming and relaxed individuals who were born between September 23rd and October 23rd are widely admired for their great sense of civility, cordiality, and the ability to bring about order to even the most chaotic of situations.

Of all the sun signs, Libra seems to enjoy the most prosperous year in 2012 in terms of achieving peace and good fortune, both of which are more than well deserved.

Love and Relationships: Libra 2012 Predictions

Thanks to a growing lack of communication at home, the first quarter of 2012 may not be the most pleasant of the upcoming year for Libras. To avoid any soured relationships or being at odds with spouses or significant others, Libra must tap into their innate sense of wisdom to achieve harmony. An even temper and the ability to see both sides of the story will allow them to get past any difficulties on either a personal or social level.

Always kind and ever charming Libras seem to draw others to them and relationships finally take a turn for the better in the year's last two quarters as bonds with children and loved ones are strengthened.

Career and Finance: Libra 2012 Predictions

The hard work and dedication that Librans put forth into anything they do are unmistakable and difficult to rival. Both friends and coworkers will continue to appreciate Libra's great efforts this year as they have done in the past. Despite great admiration and an honorable work ethic, there may be some disappointments or failures to deal with on the job front. If change is a possibility, embrace the prospect looking for the hidden positives that could bring about a remarkable difference for the better rather than worrying about any potential negatives that might arise.

Remember to curb spending throughout the year as saving for a rainy day might be necessary at some point, although a pay raise or career promotion is a likely possibility for Libra in 2012. Likewise, a financial gain or some type could materialize in the last quarter when least expected.

For those Libras who are involved with school or research in some capacity, the first two quarters are ideal for achieving desired goals and excelling in studies during this year that ends with both stability and success.

Health: Libra 2012 Predictions

Favorable health abounds for Librans in 2012, save for a minor ailment or condition in the last few months of the year that's likely to remedy itself just as quickly as it appeared. Enjoy all of the finer yet simpler things in life this year Libra while teaching others with both your words and actions how to also relax and remember what is really most important.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

MUSIC and ME..


Beach Lovin!

I love beaches!! not because I love to swim.. but because I love to ahve my picture taken at the beach with my TWO PIECE!! yeah.. ( kapal ko diba?? hahaha)

 got all these pictures at Sarangani Province ( Isla Hardin )...


hello fireness!!

OK! well, my idol ( not that I worship her or something ) but just let me use the word idol ok!..
I first saw her on , I still don't have an account then but I love all her looks and I even tried to follow those looks.. I just wish I can wear glasses like she does!! ( super thank you for my push button nose lalalala )...

and then... I can never remebr her name all I remember is her looks!~ when I lost my laptop... I can no longer find her!! sh*t!~!! but at last I found her!!! and here she is:!/adelle_veronica

my favorite looks of adelle ( )

I could probably include all her looks in this blog hahaha!! I want to meet her in, I followed all her blog...and ooopppsss... lemme check ( got to checkthis too : )

Friday, January 20, 2012

a rare creature.
lovely in the inside, though you think i am weird. 
I keep myself privately, although everyone else thinks I shine. They look to me for comfort, and I never speak out of turn. I am ultimate friend that everyone longs to be. People think I am always bright, but there's a side of me that no one knows...

I don't know how to express it, therefore, I take on art. I love writing or painting or something creative. I might not be a professional at it, but I are not average.I am loved by almost everyone, I have good relationships, but if that relationship ends, I am not the type to get along like good friends again.

Sometimes, I am also like the moon...always there in the night sky, carefully watching, cautiously guiding, loved, expected, and special

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Kiss Kiss

just playing...

Kiss Kiss

tryin to do the KOREAN PEACE>>>

kami po ay baliw din minsan.. haha

C2 doesnt have anythin to do with our friendship.. napagtripan lang hahaha

It been 6 long years since I first knew her... haha di ko alam kong bakit nagkahulog agad loob namin sa isat isa.. pero sya yung pinakadown to earth na taong nakilala ko.. maarte daw sya sabi nila but actually YOU ARE WRONG!!! mahilig lang talga sya sa PINK!!! 

We treat each other more than just best friend.. I call her ate and she calls me ate.. because we treat each other as sisters. I even call her dad " DADDY " kaya lang minsan nahihiya ako :(.

Angel and I are two different person sharing the same  interest.. " were both TALKATIVE!! ". When were together nakaklimutan ko mga bagay bagay kaya tuloy lageh kami nalalate sa class before..harhar

Ang dami kong gustong isulat dito kaya lang nahhilo na ako.. just came from teh hospital.. vertigo again..err!!
---------to be continued.

Friday, January 13, 2012



one more stick..
one glance..and I looked! He caught my attention..!!! Why??
see how cute those smiles??

well... His smile is so bewitching and provocative..He is like a child wrapped in a man's body! different!
Dejavu they call it!..yeah, the guy in a baseball cap..the smoking..and the break time.
It seems like yesterday, I didn't expect we will go this far but I hope it will last a lifetime. Two people from two different worlds meet halfway??.
December 26,2010
06:15 pm
1 message received
"I am smilling, I think of you. Gudnyt!"
I cried after receiving that message. I don't know why...until now I am still wondering why i cried that night..
December 30,2010
3 messages received
"hi dear tuloy tau?"
"kakarating ko lang talga..."
"ok give me 20 mins ligo lang ako"
onr glass..another glass..
and we talk about life and anything..even non sense things..we laugh, we talked and listened...
I was drunk but not wasted. He sent me home and oooopppsss..
A gentle kiss, a giggle, one more kiss, one sweet kiss, a hug..
I felt his body close to mine..I danced with his rythm till the music stopped and POP! hahahaha!!!
He hold my hands and I felt his warmth, felt his calm.
He held my hands and I want to levitate..
WE play the game, without rules, without hesitations..pushing ourselves until it hurts!!
I love him. Yes I do! It's complicated but I don't care.
We sealed all the doubts away, that was December 30,2010.
Beyb, I know were just starting but please hold my hands, let us forget time. Let it pass from days to months, to years..
I love and I will always will...♥♥♥


"Win awesome giveaway from ZUZ. #Ilovezuzstyle" !!

WOW! and I am going to try my luck again today. ( wish me luck guys! I hope that Friday the 13th will actually give me luck and win this beautiful prizes!! yeaabah!!

they are giving away two items from their collection. How cool is that? Anyway, here are the items you could win:

 who wouldn't want to win those lovely tops?? grr!!:)



 It's Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th, 'the most widespread superstition'. There are a lot of peolpe who believes in this superstition especially here in the Philippines. ( tayo na ata ang may pinakamaraming beliefs.. hay naku! ) and the sixth day of the week and the number 13 both have foreboding reputations said to date from ancient times.  This belief has been present for centuries!! I just read that their inevitable conjunction from one to three times a year (there will be three such occurrences in 2012) portends more misfortune than some credulous minds can bear. oh no no no no..According to some sources it's the most widespread superstition in the United States today. Some people refuse to go to work on Friday the 13th; some won't eat in restaurants; many wouldn't think of setting a wedding on the date.!! ( Could it be an excuse if I'll tell my boss that I will be absent because its Friday the 13th?? ). I may get an IR from my supervisor harhar!!

Paraskevidekatriaphobics — people afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th — will be pricking up their ears about now, buoyed by seeming evidence that the source of their unholy terror might not be so irrational after all.! 

Are you one of them?...and to match with this Friday the 13th horror, I decided to wear black! not because I am one of those people with Paraskevidekatriaphobics!!

at the gate..
I posted this look in .

The DRESS ( from WONDERS ) . It's the same dress wore by Jessie last Glam Rock party!

See those belts?? It is so wonderful! I bought it from a thrift shop for only P60.00!! how amazing! and the shoes... it is so perfect! If you know DCLA in Davao, there's a shop in there where you can buy shoes like this for only P600.00 pesos but off course buying original is the BEST!! 

Friday the 13th doesn't seem to be malas at all!! because I got pretty pictures!! haha


ok! I know it's so late to write about because it's already 2012 but.. better late than never ayt? hahaha

It's my first Christmas in Davao City and my second Christmas with Concentrix.
It was last December 15,2012 at NCCC Mall Matina in Davao City. I was pretty excited because the theme is Glam Rock! but so sad that I can't think of anything to wear! :(

It was December 13 that Jessie ( my good friend ) showed a piece of cloth his partner used last Augost ( I guess) when they joined the dance sport competition in Panabo City. ( anyway congratulations coz they WON ).

So, time to show the creative side of me... from a pice of cloth.. I created this beautiful dress ( if you may call it a dress! hahaha.. 
picture was taken by sisi ( thanks!)
I love it! It's so shining shimmering splended! ( Kris :), the bangles was a gift from my boyfriend ( Paolo ), I got the studed belt from a thrift shop. and the black short ( from a friend). Sisi calls me rihanna that day because of my RED hair. ( and that's a permanent hair color!!!! ).

It was so amazing! Those were some of the pictures taken last Christmas... ♥♥