Thursday, May 22, 2014

To my Bestie Bitchie Angel :)

ATE THANK YOU because....
 I know that you force yourself  to like my Facebook/Instagram updates as soon as I posted it.
and that you know my Facebook search history better than Facebook even does.
YOU are the only person who know exactly when Im pooping..

YOU are the only person who knows how much time I spend composing every text I send to my CRUSH, sometimes you even text them yourselves hahaha!

YOU know all the really, really stupid questions and opinions I have on worldly affairs
YOU know know my favorite flavor of every single junk food and candy
YOU know how abysmal I am at budgeting and that I spend a week every month broke and that (at least) 50% of my money is spent on DRESSES.

YOU know that when I attempt to cook, it’s almost always a disaster and a half (BUT you haven't tasted my sinigang yet)

YOU know every regrettable detail of every regrettable hookup, even the ones I myself have tried to forget.
and because you had STUPID questions about SEX! haha

YOU know all the people I secretly hate but are nice to anyway.
YOU know every graphic, gut-wrenching detail of my romantic history, from your first crush onward.

YOU 100% know what I look like without pants on…
YOU know how I look first thing in the morning, crazy hair and everything.
And, above all else, YOU know that despite all of my flaws, quirks, and secrets, YOU love ME unconditionally and always


Campo Uno

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I was actually thinking of not to open or post on this blog anymore since this is now full of non-sense however, I have not been able to published my new blog. I will update it soon. I just simply wanted to greet everyone a happy Valentines day.♥

Lately I have been busy reading books and had no time to do blogging. I am tired of work and feel so bored online. Last Saturday I went out with my best friend and new friends. It was my second time to go Sunset Beach. The first time I went there, I was with WAVE 24 and had not remember anything except that its so quite. Last Saturday was different thou, the place is full of life. There were dancing, singing and yeah its PARTY by the BEACH.


We settle in Campo Uno since our friends are having their gig in there. The play is situated just few steps away from the shore line, definitely a good place you simply just wanted to unwind and chill out. They have accoustic music that's soothes whenever you wanted to relax and fire dancing!!
Aside from Firedancing, Campo Uno showcases accoustic musics from different bands all over Davao City almost every Friday and Saturday.
From soothing music to relax your soul, they also play wild music to make you go wild wild and go...
and here are some of our picture too:)

Campo Uno Sand Bar & Grill is located at Sunset Beach Park , Kinawitnon , Moncado ,Barangay Villarica , Babak , Island Garden City of Samal
For more information and reservation pls contact : Tel# 286-1872 / Cel# 0999-9970804