Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I miss you

I wanna write you a letter...but I can't so am just gonna write it blog.

I miss you so much beybi ko. I don't know how to tell you because you've been ignoring me these days...I know I am not suppose to miss you,..beybi even if were no longer together it is still you I love, it is you I miss everyday..

I wanted to move on and just forget about you but I can't. I just can't. I love you more than anything else in this world. I doubt that you will be mine again..because you're cold..but beybi I will always be here for you. 

If you still remember this is the last movie we watched together.. beybi I miss those movie nights...the Friday nights we share.. I miss you so much! I miss you....

Friday, February 10, 2012


hello fireness!!

Found this amazing shoes while checking  Try visit this site you'll learn alot from them...

love how he blew the color!

its my favorite one!!
I just wish I could walk with those shoes on!!! hahahaha! but he is just so amazing! 

check his lookbook account!


hello fireness!!

today is my off and am planning to go somewhere today... Got nothin to do..I wish I could do some stuff while am out of the house...

TOP: White Tank Top
DIY: DEnim Shorts +
Natasha Sandals

It's me and ate jen....this is what we do pag we have nothin to do!!! lols

Giveaway Series: BUBBLES

hello fireness!!

Here's another random giveaway from  BUBBLES! and yes! again from!!.. I love reading her posts and all!...

Here's what the lucky winner could win...( syempre, I wish I will be the lucky one!)..

who wouldn't like those??  grabeh!! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to choose the best shoes for you!

hello fireness!!

Now let us talk about shoes... I was just looking at my shoe rack and decided to create a blog for this.

Choosing shoes does not have to be a complex affair. Above all else, choose shoes that fit your feet, rather than making your feet fit the shoes. 

how to choose the shoes to match the dresses is very important. The metal belt around the shoes surface adds a cute taste for the shoes. The low heel design makes the feet in comfortable walking in every place. The sweet color also is the most fashion trending

Understand that sizes may vary among shoe brands and styles.

Do not select shoes by the size marked inside the shoe. Judge the shoe by how it fits on your foot.

•The Right Height
Gladiator shoes are manufactured using 3 basic height guides. The first one is ankle-high. The basic principle for shoes is the shorter their height, the longer your legs appear. Whether you are short and tall, you can wear this pair if you want to make you legs look more slender.

Select a shoe that conforms as nearly as possible to the shape of your foot

di lahat ng uso at maganda ay bagay sa iyong paa.GETS? 

Have your feet measured regularly. 

The size of your feet change as you grow older. Most people have one foot larger than the other one. Fit to the largest foot.

Fit at the end of the day when your feet are largest 

stand during the fitting and check that there is adequate space (3/8" to 1/2") for your longest toe at the end of each shoe..

Ask about different widths if your feet are wider or narrower than average.

Make sure the ball of your foot fits comfortably into the widest part (ball pocket) of the shoe

Ask about half sizes if you think you are in between

Not all stores carry them, but when they do, you may find that you're happier in between whole numbers.

Don’t purchase shoes that feel tight, expecting them to stretch to fit.

Walk in the shoe to make sure it fits and feels right. 
(Fashionable shoes CAN be comfortable and healthy!)

Avoid tall heels, especially high, pointy ones. 

For all their glamor and fashion, these shoes are the least comfortable of the bunch. They concentrate your weight on a smaller area than your foot was designed to walk on, increasing pressure and often creating pinch points. They can make balance difficult and sink into soft materials, like sand or turf. Go with low heels or flats as much as possible, especially if you will spend much time on your feet in these shoes. However if you are really into it, make sure it's comfortable and you can walk with head up high!

Avoid tall heels, especially high, pointy ones. 

For all their glamor and fashion, these shoes are the least comfortable of the bunch. They concentrate your weight on a smaller area than your foot was designed to walk on, increasing pressure and often creating pinch points. They can make balance difficult and sink into soft materials, like sand or turf. Go with low heels or flats as much as possible, especially if you will spend much time on your feet in these shoes.

MON PETIT BOUDOIR!! Give aways!!

hello fireness!!

just reading all my top lists for today... and guess what?? another give aways!! hahaha I am not losing hope.. hahaha Imma try my luck! I'm thinking of creating my own creative stuff just thinkin somethin unique so I can do these give away stuff too!

I visited MON PETIT BOUDOIR and Oh! my God ! They're just awesome! and here are the things you might win! 

this so cute ayt??grrr

1st - zebra corset + blue pleated skirt

2nd- dainty polka dress (belt not included) and brown belt

3rd - crochet top and red belt

4th - heart top and leggings

Isn't it amazing!! they're not just gonna give you one!! but a set!!!
wish me luck firenesss!!

A.F.A giveaways!!

hello fireness!!

and again...I will try my luck! Imma join another give aways.. hope I'll win this time hahaha!!! tryin my luck lols!

I always read her articles about fashion and all that stuff... saw pictures and I love how ahe do the combination and all!! and the accessories??amazing!!

I wish to have these stuff... grrrr!! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Coffee Cat!!

Buffet at Coffecat...

Well, if you are planning for some eat out with your friends and you wanna eat crabs in a very very low price?? visit Coffeecat at

U8 F. Torres Street
Dakbayan sa Dabaw
082 282 1260

Ang aming Kwento

Si Jessie John Villela sa kanyang pagtratransform...

Everythin started with ONE HELLO!, yeah I first saw him sa labas ng CX building 1. He was waiting for the result ng last interview nya and I was waiting for my last interview. Hahaha nakaktawa kasi, unang beses ko syang nakita alam ko na agad na beke sya lols! I even asked him personally if " ahmm.. are you straight?" and he said " NO " on that same day! Then we exchange numbers. 

from left: Dezon v, TC renneth a , me mysel and I, AJ Frio, Jet a , Jessie John
bottom: SME Sherryl  at Rona 

first JUMP SHOT!

some drama

another drama

the last JUMP SHOT!

He is Jessie John Villela, from Glan Saranggani Province ( ang pinagmamalaki nyang probinsya!!! go pakkkkkyawww) . Naging kabatchmate kami, that was early November 2010 from 25 we became 14. ???  hanggang sa anim nalng kaming natira.. og diba?? astig!!!nakalimutan ko na ata.. naalaala ko pa nagkaroon pa sya ng pagibig nun hahaha its Dezon Vivares ( jes, I will really mention it ok?) hahaha parang sa dula lang yung love story nila na basta ( wahahahah )... well at the end narealized nila di naman pala sila IN LOVE they're just inlove with the thought of being IN LOVE ika nga ni Dez. 

Ang dami ng mga nagyari sa buhay namin na magkasaman kami. Magkasama kami sa kwarto di ko nga alam bakit di ko sya nagawang maging lalaki eh magkatabi na nga kaming dalwa.. hahaha ( nandidiri ata sakit ang baklang yan )!!!  halos buong taon kaming magkasama, Iisang bahay sa halos pitong buwan? nagkailang Tc at team na magkaksama parin kmaing dalawa. Nawala na lahat ng mga kasama namin ayun naiwan parin akming dalwa. 

Minsan naman nagaaway kami, pero nagbabati din naman.. kahit walang nagsosorry hahaha !! para lang kaming baliw. Mamimiss talaga kita Jes, alam mo yan, sana magpakabait ka dun sa Manila at wag mo akong laimutan. Ako parina ng natatanging Krung Krung. Aning Aning at walang kakwenta kwenta mong kaibigan. I will always be here for you kahit para lang akong tanga. Love kita te.. Yngat ka sa pagventure mo sa mas malaking mundo. Muwah mwuah!!!

ang huling team with jessie!!!!!!

Para sa Iyo

Siguro sa tanang buhay ko, ang buwan ng Enero ngayong tanon ng blue dragon na ang pinakamalungkot sa lahat, kabaliktaran ata ang sinasabi ng mga biyuinn sa kung anong nangyayari sa buhay ko ngayon.

Minsan, naiisip ko, masama ba akong tao? bakit parang ang unfair unfair ng mundo para sa akin? masama ba akong kaibigan? bakit nila ako pingatatwanan?? ganun na ba ako kapangit? mahirap ba akong mahalin?? bobo ba ako??  ang daming tanong ang naglalrosa isip ko na hanggang ngayon sana ay masagot ko.. sana... sana...

Isan lamang akong babae, normal, nagmamahal... mahal ko sya, oo mahal na mahal ko siya. mahl ko sya ng higit pa kanino... kung mali man yun... wala akong pakialam. mahal ko sya dahil hindi ko alam, marahil dahil pinaramdam nys sa aking espesyal ako, dahil tinannggap nya ako kung sino ako bagamat minsan naiisip kong ginagamit lamang nya ako... mahal ko parin sya. 

Sa loob ng isang taon at mahigit.. wala akong ibang minahal kundi sya lamang....oo inaamin ko ako'y nagkasala, naduwag, natukso ng minsan...pero nanaig ang katotohanang mahal ko sya. Ang bawat hinga at pagmulat ng aking mata, sya ang nagdudugtong ng mga ito sa tala.. sya ang nagbibigay saliw sa musika ng aking buhay. Sa bawat daloy ng luha sa aking mga mat, pag asa at panalangin ko parin ay ang makapiling sya. 

Ngayon, hindi ko alam kung paano sisimulang mabuhay ng di na sya kasama sa mga bagay na nakagisnan ko habang ako'y naririto. Hindi ko lubos maisip na ang bagy na kinatatakutan ko ang dumating na.. oo alam kong darating to, akala ko nga sa pagsapit ng araw na yun kaya ko na.. hindi pala. Ang sakit. Sakit na halos hindi ko maipaliwanag, puso ko ay parang tinutusok ng paulit ulit, ng paunti-unti...ako'y nadudurog. 

Ang mga tinta ng plumang sana ay pansulat, minsan ko ng naisipang inumin.. sapagkat ako'y takot mag isa, takot mabuhay na wala ka na subalit wala akong magagawa. 

Hindi ko lang lubos maintindihan kung bakit kailangan humantong tayo sa ganito.., kung bakit kailangan mo akong saktan at iwan. lagi mong sinasabi, " di naman kita iiwan, andito lang naman ako... yun lang di na gaya ng dati ". sa pawat letrang binabasa ng mga mata, luha lamang ang tugon.. pagkat di ko mapagtanato.. ano nga ba nag pagkukulang ko. 

Binigay ko ang lahat kung pagmamahal lamang ang hanap mo, lahat ng pag intindi ay ginawa ko I would always label myself as " pinakamasunuring girlfriend" not necessarily, ginawa ko lahat ng gudto mo but pinilit kong sundin lahat ng rules na binigay mo.. kahit nassaktan ako nakikita at narririnig kong kasama mo sya, ano mang protestang gawin ko wala akong magwa.. minsan naiisip ko, gusto mo lang yata akong patayin... 

Paano nga ba talga ang magmahal? mali ba na minahal kita ng totoo? mali ba na umasa akong mahal mo din ako? ang tanging nais ko lang naman ay ang lumigaya... ngunit paano kung ang kaligayahan ko ay kulungan para sa iyo? Kung ikaw? gagwin mo din ba ang ginawa ko?? 

Sa bawat gabi, lagi ko iniisip, sino kaya kausap mo? kung dati sa akin ka tumatawag at nag googoodnight, sino na kaya ngayon?? at habang iniisip ko yun... para akong mababaliw... parang gusto kong maglaho, gusto kong mawala sa mundo.. I miss it when you end your message with lablab♥ ngayon, hangang mga save messages na lamang ako. ang sakit ang sakit sakit... at patuloy pa sa pag agos ang luha sa aking mga mata.  

Maraming bagay ang ninais kong mangyari para sa atin, mga planong kailan man ay di na matutupad. I know am pathetic, I even plan somethin for our seconds anniversary.. hindi naman pala mangyayri yun, mag isa na naman pala ako. 

Sabi mo, pagod ka na..oo inaamin ko napapagod din naman ako, na lagi nalang ako yung magpapsensya, ako yung laging magpapakumbaba pero sa bawat sakit na nararamdaman ko, makita ka lang na masaya masaya narin ang araw ko. 

Sa ating paglalakbay, makakita kaman ng mbagong pagibig.. sana'y manatili ang pagkakaibigang ating pinagsimulan... at sana sa kahit ganoong paraan , sakit na nadulot ng iyong paglisan ay maibsan.  Iwanana ka man ng lahat ako'y mananatiling maghihintay sa iyong pagbabalik...  

Ngayon, heto ako... mag isa nanganagarp na sana ay dumating ang araw na ako namna ang mahalin, ako naman ang ipaglalaban, ipagmalaik at iiyakan.. Gusto ko ding maramdaman ang mahalin ng di ko kailangang magmakaawa.. Alam ko mahirap yun.. at pinapangarap ko paring ikaw yun beybi ko.. hindi man ngayon, o bukas,.. ako man ay maghihintay ng matagal... gagawin ko. I will love you and I will always will...