Thursday, February 9, 2012

MON PETIT BOUDOIR!! Give aways!!

hello fireness!!

just reading all my top lists for today... and guess what?? another give aways!! hahaha I am not losing hope.. hahaha Imma try my luck! I'm thinking of creating my own creative stuff just thinkin somethin unique so I can do these give away stuff too!

I visited MON PETIT BOUDOIR and Oh! my God ! They're just awesome! and here are the things you might win! 

this so cute ayt??grrr

1st - zebra corset + blue pleated skirt

2nd- dainty polka dress (belt not included) and brown belt

3rd - crochet top and red belt

4th - heart top and leggings

Isn't it amazing!! they're not just gonna give you one!! but a set!!!
wish me luck firenesss!!

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  1. Heyah.. hope we both win this.. and..

    try my giveaway too.. =))



you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo