Friday, January 13, 2012


ok! I know it's so late to write about because it's already 2012 but.. better late than never ayt? hahaha

It's my first Christmas in Davao City and my second Christmas with Concentrix.
It was last December 15,2012 at NCCC Mall Matina in Davao City. I was pretty excited because the theme is Glam Rock! but so sad that I can't think of anything to wear! :(

It was December 13 that Jessie ( my good friend ) showed a piece of cloth his partner used last Augost ( I guess) when they joined the dance sport competition in Panabo City. ( anyway congratulations coz they WON ).

So, time to show the creative side of me... from a pice of cloth.. I created this beautiful dress ( if you may call it a dress! hahaha.. 
picture was taken by sisi ( thanks!)
I love it! It's so shining shimmering splended! ( Kris :), the bangles was a gift from my boyfriend ( Paolo ), I got the studed belt from a thrift shop. and the black short ( from a friend). Sisi calls me rihanna that day because of my RED hair. ( and that's a permanent hair color!!!! ).

It was so amazing! Those were some of the pictures taken last Christmas... ♥♥

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you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo