Friday, January 13, 2012


one more stick..
one glance..and I looked! He caught my attention..!!! Why??
see how cute those smiles??

well... His smile is so bewitching and provocative..He is like a child wrapped in a man's body! different!
Dejavu they call it!..yeah, the guy in a baseball cap..the smoking..and the break time.
It seems like yesterday, I didn't expect we will go this far but I hope it will last a lifetime. Two people from two different worlds meet halfway??.
December 26,2010
06:15 pm
1 message received
"I am smilling, I think of you. Gudnyt!"
I cried after receiving that message. I don't know why...until now I am still wondering why i cried that night..
December 30,2010
3 messages received
"hi dear tuloy tau?"
"kakarating ko lang talga..."
"ok give me 20 mins ligo lang ako"
onr glass..another glass..
and we talk about life and anything..even non sense things..we laugh, we talked and listened...
I was drunk but not wasted. He sent me home and oooopppsss..
A gentle kiss, a giggle, one more kiss, one sweet kiss, a hug..
I felt his body close to mine..I danced with his rythm till the music stopped and POP! hahahaha!!!
He hold my hands and I felt his warmth, felt his calm.
He held my hands and I want to levitate..
WE play the game, without rules, without hesitations..pushing ourselves until it hurts!!
I love him. Yes I do! It's complicated but I don't care.
We sealed all the doubts away, that was December 30,2010.
Beyb, I know were just starting but please hold my hands, let us forget time. Let it pass from days to months, to years..
I love and I will always will...♥♥♥

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