Saturday, January 5, 2013

My December♥

Happy and Exciting!

That how I describe my December. December was fulfilling month for both personal and carreer aspects of my life. A lot has changed, a lot has been removed. 

Early December I was moved to a different account I am now on training for AVG Technical Support. It was a big change since I was with a travel account for almost 7 months. I personally chose to be transferred because I know that I will not excel in travel, maybe it was not for me. The training process was fun, I enjoyed it a lot. From the training itself I can already say that I am enjoying it too different from what we had with my RCCL. Yes! RCCL was such a great account with great people however for some reason I enjoy this team a lot more. We call ourselves AMONG. It all started with our mentor LJ ( She is really beautiful) and has a good sense of humor I wanted to be like her hahaha!

Here are some of our pictures during training: Lamguage Training

ok. I love this picture because I'm cute hahaha!
Frpm Left: Brent, Kenn, Kriz, Shelle, Ketz, Cyrus, Rhea, Jeff
Bottom: Me, mhai and Shaira.

Ketz, Jeff, Shelle, Rhea, Ron, Cyrus, Shaira, Kenn,
bottom: me, Cleo, Mhai, Brent

alright! so I am the smallest! hahaha

my eyes are big!
From Left: Joy1, Joy 2, Jea, Kriz, Jun me and Shaira

See, how much I enjoyed the training? hahaha

during our breaks!

and I was too focus! 

We were having a presentation. 

We were doing an advertisement for a 3 bristled toothbrush!! haha
And we passed the COL or Language training. Thank you so much LJ!!

For now, I am on training for the TFT or Technical Foundations Training and I amhoping to pass all the assesment!! Goodluck to me!

But December was not all about work, It also gives me chance to chnage myself. I earned new good friends and I know I will cherish them forever. I have redeemed my old self. The Jing I used to be. FUN, JOLLY and always happy! Thank you AMONG for letting me be me and never judged me.

Thsi picture was taken last December 26 a day after  Christmas my beybi  and I watched El Presidente at SM  City Davao

This picture was taken at Abreeza Mall of Davao

Before I go to sleep at Kenn's house in Samal

Another smile before I bid goodnight! haha



you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo