Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where are you GENTLEMAN??

Of course, I'm not saying that there are no gentlemen anymore, just lesser everyday.
It has became a rare occasion for the chivalrous act of: "Ladies first".

There's still gentlemen that would hold the door for a girl, if she comes right behind him. 

Gentlemen, who would take a moment to help a poor girl who has just tripped 
or to offer a helping hand with her items scattered on the ground.
Gentlemen, graceful enough to give up a nearer parking lot for the one further up, 
when he spots a lady driver waiting, just so that she didn't have to walk too far.

Yes, I still do encounter them, thankfully.

But lately, I'm just really overwhelmed 
by the atrocious number of barbaric men that I've chanced upon...

Since I've been so immersed in my work; barely having any time to myself, 
I figured I would take the weekend off to party with my girlies. 

And within the same weekend, I had to cross path with more than 3 uncivilised men.

So if the guys turns out to be idiotic at you...he choice to be. 

"If a guy can't even respect other girls, forget him."

Where are the good old days? 
When I used to tell guys that I don't drink and they would quickly pour a glass of soft drink for me instead?

Oh! on a side note, a little tip here boys... If a girl says that she doesn't drink, 
don't take it the wrong way immediately. It's not a downright rejection! 

Ask, if she would like a non-alcholic drink, 
and you might just be pleasantly surprised with the positive answer that you could potentially receive!

Oh! I seldom drink like 1 glas of berr would be enough for me just because...
 I figured, why make myself suffer, right? 
Although I'm not cut out to drink, but that does not mean that I can't enjoy dancing and partying! 
It's the company that keeps my night going, not alcohol, that's all :)

(I do drink when I'm upset or being stupid once in a blue moon, 
but it will definitely be 1/10 of alcohol with 9/10 mixer lol)

I just have to put a picture...that's how I look like when am drunk. lol! I do drink sometimes :)

Frankly, I don't like to waste my time on uncivilised imbecile(s).
To me, so long as he didn't try to cause any harm or threats to my gfs, I'll just let things go.

So when you're at fault, instead of apologising, 
you get all boorish and ask people to call the police on you? LOL

Is it because they don't get punished legally for acting moronic in public 
or they think that they are "RICH", that they can get away with everything?

Because the next thing that came from my friend is: "Hey, I'm so so sorry... My friend's member 
so he thinks he's BIG and trying to find trouble randomly."

OH HELLO? Only you member ah MISTER? I've been a member since forever, 
NO BIG DEAL. You're looking like a joke, making a big fuss over it.

Well, I was there to take a breather from my workload, not to handle "juveniles". 

Hence, I brushed it off casually... 
Regained party mood with le girlfriends and danced till the lights came on!

Please guys. If you're tipsy, don't find trouble with someone as sober as me. 
It's just pure stupidity. 

Drunk troublemakers, here's a note: You can be caught and quarantined in the police station 
for at least 24 - 48 hours for making a nuisance in public. Also, drink drivers can serve
 a penalty of fine and imprisonment .

So don't you think that just because you didn't commit crime, 
you can get away scoot free like that :)

Gentlemen, where are you??

Gentlemen, please stand up.
Before we lose hope... I know that you are still out there!

Really, because I will never forget... 

There was the guy that offered to shelter me with an umbrella when I was stuck in the rain. 
The guy who gave up his seat on the train to me, 
when he saw that I couldn't balance well with my heels. 

And the guy that guided me all the way to my destination, 
when I didn't know the directions.     

Of course, a little appreciation goes a long way. 
Hence, responsibility lies with the ladies too!

Remember to show your gratitude and thank the men when you receive an act of chivalry :) 
excerpt (gentleman by Thydowager)

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