Sunday, May 5, 2013


Funny, funny and funny as ever, that is how I would describe Kim. AZ'in.!

Well, let me talk about him and our friendship together. We hardly knew each other for now but I am looking forward to know him more and be friend with him for a much longer time-is forever possible?

We're not so different but yer we are so different...

Let me talk about " he is my friend". It sounds as though that is what you've been experiencing with this particular friend. Relationships are dynamic — meaning, they change and evolve over time. How they change depends on the individuals in the relationship.
Well I must say, that everyday would be so flunk day-mood would be below normal if he is not there, not being attached as if I am dying ok? but the feeling that everything should be better if he is there. And I guess you should give me Kudos for this blog kimmy! hahaha. 
He spends most of his time at the office - that is a total of 13 hours a day which includes 9 hours of shift, and at least 3-4 hours at the office gym. Which made him look YUMMY-don't over react Kim. I may also say that this man -is not so man at all for he is so vain!!! and he talks gay linggo which I do not understand. My officemates would always refer to him as Johnny Bravo-which I believe is a compliment for him (is it Kimmy?) and some would call him Maya-which I believe he really does not care at all. 
He is a good cook-he has cooked for 15 people when we had our Surigao escapade. Pwede ka na mag-asawa Kimmy (he disagree with that proposition because he does not want to 
get marry) pathetic.! But I have one request thou- please cook pasta for me?

KURIPOT!- yes he is very thrifty,I do not know whether he is always like that to everyone but yeah I have accepted that fact. -as a matter of factly.
Maybe you guys would say-first how come would I be likely able to be buds with a person who's vanity is toward health and not with dresses? I guess I would not be able to answer that for now but as always said:  ayay ka!
couldn't have asked a better man... a better friend to be with, someone I know I can be myself, not being afraid of being mistaken, being different. Even though I feel very bummed he treated it so well, and never changed.

Thanks for the friendship BATA!!! kapoy na sulat! bubye!...



you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo