Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My kind of guy....

I want a good looking man, would you say I’m superficial?

I’m not saying that personality isn’t important. But personality enhances the look or detracts from it. It doesn’t replace it. I cannot say, oh, this dude has a heart of Jesus so it’s okay that he looks like taong grasa. I want guys who look like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp..or Ian Somerhalder which I believe the hottest man living in the world hahaha!

At this point i must regrettably admit that i have dated some guys who are average looking or even below average looking (according to my close friends), but whom at that point of time i think were rather OK looking, due to terribly impaired judgement (or my friend’s terribly impaired judgement), or complete loss of mind, either which i refuse to comment on.

I mean, who the hell wants to date an ugly guy??? Well I am not saying that my boyfriends are all good looking but at least you know they are all average Joe . But I have known alot of girls dated ugly fat guys for the reason that they are fucking rich. I mean I am not mean of those but the fact that those girls only dating then because of money hell!

I mean, maybe those girls actually like guys who have horrible sense of humor? Who knows? Right? Or they think bulging tummy is adorable or nice to sleep on. I don't really know And I’m not saying being a gold digger is wrong. I wish myself to be one if I could! But I fail. I stumble and trip at good looks and some yummy guys. And get stuck there. And face it. Wealth and look hardly ever mix. unless you are Mr. Brad Pitt.

 see those smiles?? oh gosh!

If i marry an ugly guy, my children are likely to look like a piece of shit too. Then the good part of my gene is bloody wasted just because i wanted to be able to afford some Gucci bags wtf? Sad right?

 Actually i have a confession to make. I always wanted to have a good looking babies especially if she's gonna be a girl. This kid of mine. She will have super chinita and she’s tall and she doesn’t need a rhinoplasty and she probably has green eyes or something. haha I may just be dreaming.

Think pedigree. If you have a champion bloodline Siberian Husky, would you stupidly go and mate it with some shit ass looking mongrel? (Unless the mongrel pays you shitloads of money, which again reinforces the fact that human is so driven by money.) It’s natural instinct to want to pursue the beautiful. Human or animals. But I am honestly not saying I have a beautiful bloodline that is why I need to be mixed up with one Ok? I badly need those and perhaps the none with a big amount of money on the bank.hahaha That would be PERFECT!

Conclusion,my kind of guy is a CUTE GUY with load of MILLIONS on the bank.

Will I be able to meet one?---arrgh!!!goodluck!


  1. hahaha and so on and so fort.. I wish you could post your some average Joe in here would you?

  2. I love Ian too. at tama namn diba nobody wants to be with an ugly guy..kaya lang minsan di maiwasan lalo na pag you are inlove.

    1. love? do you still believe that? siguro isa ka din dun sa mga "gold digger" who wnats to dtae guys with a tons of gold on their pockets.

    2. now I think you are being unfair Loid I said di maiwasan if nainlove ka I did not say na di maiwasan adhil madami syang pera and YES I still believe in love. woho!!

    3. Now that is superficial.hahaha

    4. I agree to that but then again... looks can swift you inlove!♥

  3. because you can relate. hahaha



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