Monday, October 22, 2012


I am so pissed off right now. Super like I wanna explode!

I am in a very complicated realtionship with my boyfriend. He got a 4 year old child with his f*ckin abnormal ex girlfriend Twila Mae Guino-o. (that's just to give you a background)

Last Friday night Davao hosted the Tanduay Rum 5 years Rock Festival, It is one of teh biggest Rock Fest in the country I may say. I have been waiting for this. I really wanted to go.

A day before the Rock Fest my boyfriend says I should not go because he doesnt wnat me to be ther for his ex-girlfriend was there. (Girls, If you were in my place hearing these words from your boyfriend what would you feel? ) off course I insisted, whatta reason! You prefered to be with her than being with me?? Is that it??

But anyway he gave me ticket and it's SPONSORS so we had a chance to be in front and see the starts upclose. I brought a camera with me unfortuantely I am unable to shot because I have to stay away from teh bastards to avoaid the EX which is right there?? SEE?? I am teh girlfriend and I am teh one acting like a criminal or somethin.

The night was full of fun thanks to some friends.. who where there for me:) until around 1:30 AM my boyfriend asked me to accompany him in the CR, near the exit area.

While waiting for him outside a girl came and slap me on my face! F*ck!! I was so excited facebooking for it was Chicosci and Parokya ni Edgar performing! We had a fight! yes a cat fight! my first ever...and will never be forgotten by me. Grabeh... My head really aches, my body and my neck!

My boyfriend punched her on her face and drew attention of all the policemen in teh airea afraid that my boyfriend be jailed we went home and let it pass anyway...

Hia! I really dont know what to say anymore..

I ma pissed off because We cant do nothing. I am pissed because I have a choice and I cant make it! I love my boyfriend and it hurts!..

Please help me...huhuhu

becuase I did not listen... look at those bruises...


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  1. Ate, i didn't know that something like this happened. What's wrong with her ex??? Hope you're doing fine.



you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo

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