Monday, September 10, 2012


the mouth watering BB Cheeseburger..
Yum Yum YUM!!

see that? sooo yummy mmm... It makes me hungrrryyy...

I love burgers!! and aside form STACKERS which is my favorite I found one here in Davao... yeah and it's just around 20 meters away from my place!

BACKYARD BURGER is located at the back of PARDS in front of Sampaguita Inn that's in Quirino St Davao City. 

Backyard Burgers take pride in their made to order “Create Your Own Burger” Burgers. The taste of your own. They also have alot of burgers to choose from. Burgers ranges from P80.00 to 350.00, yummy and affordable. They have it all.

These are my favorites:

BB Cheeze Bacon Burger

BB Cheeze Burger

I love Cheeze!!

also wanna have these:

hmmm towering mothfull goodness BBSIGNATURE burger
Aside from burgers they also serve add ons.

It's open area allows you not just to have yourself full with their burger delights but also a good place for friends watah drinking sesion.

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