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I always say I am not the friendliest person on earth haha... I probably have the smallest number of friend..but I tell you I love all of them..and I miss most of them. It's sad how everything change in just a while.. sad to know that some them don't even remeber me.. sad that I miss them...I miss them...

When I was young... I was considered as the slowest when it comes to games that why nobody wnats to be with me. I excell well at school and everybody thinks I was a competition.. but there's this one little girl who always at my side no matter what. We grew old together.. share things together... sleeps together... my buddy... my childhood bestfriend JIZA.

 She's known by her nickname AiAi.  We would play sungka, dampa and jolen together.. I was the kjeeper of our jolens, cards, and rubber bands..and she was the player. She plays very well with dampa except that we always fail to win against Jan Roy Damgo... hahaha..

Aiai and I loves to draw.. we both love dresses and arts. I would always remember those days... those happy days.. After graduation, I studied in a private away from my home town and we have not seen each other for three years... but in my hearts and our hearts we still remail as bestfriends... We garduated high school together and after all the things I've been through... Ai! Thank you for everything.. 

After high school I went to a University in our place and she went to Iloilo. I would aways check her mom for updates...until one day.. I've learned that AI is already in Manila. Year 2008 I venture Manila after passing an onlien exam for a BPO job.. We had a chance to see each other again however for some reason we lost communications.

Its been almost six years... six long years my friend... and I miss you...

so pretty...

She's pretty right? Yes she is...and she is very talented as well..(anyway she likes the song breathless whenenver she's for VIDEO K)

Pain and anger field my mind.. the tears I''ve cried can fill the ocaen oh so deep it hurts inside... Thank you for the memories my dear buddies... 
 JULIE MAY MAGNO: we call her ate mhai2x - known as TOMboi- had a great tiem with mhai mhai.. we spend almost everyday together from school to church to fellowship and everywhere...

MARK VINCENT CORDERO: The planner. We depend on him way back when I was still in MVBAI, he always paln for us.

ALDRINE JAVA: Since we both share the same church we are always together, mhai , che che and Aldrine. He is very good in painting and dancing.

MARVIE JEAN PEDREGOSA: She is very sweet and lovable + soo cute! SHe's smart too :)

JADEN BERMUDEZ: hahaha She is funny and kalog. We call each other Dangs... cuase of our foreheads.. (DANGAS!)

Life offers us a chance to meet new set of friends.. When I was in General Santos where I spend 2 years on life.. the best 2 years of my life I met these group of friends that I willnever forget... friends with different personalities, friends that never forget... I miss you all guys....

meet my friends from Lagao National High School :)

REYNA JANE ALBUTRA: We call each other best..She is very talented, She can sing and dance. This petite girl been through a lot, people judge her as we are all being judged. But I still love and accept her as she is... There is always a rainbow after the rain my friend... ( FLOOR CRUISER)

EDWARD CRUZ II: My pakner! I will never forget his letter for me before I left hahaha... ( We always share lunch together... I was his slave!!! grr) haha love you Dward. ( FLOOR CRUISER)

WENTOR MENDOZA: Though Wentor has his own set of friends we still go out together and share the same passion... dancing :)

JUDY KATE CAGALITAN: Oh.. I love this kikay/maldita girl... I love talking to her.. She's the very first person I will remeber when you say "LAAG"! mis you

CHARLES JOHN ABAN: hahaha a member of the THREE IDIOTS (LOL) hahaha the cheerers.. They're always there... MACHO GWAPITO CHARLES!

GERALD BACLAY: the Guy!! He always have a crush on somebody hehe.  member of the THREE IDIOTS (LOL) hahaha

PEARLY QUEEN ORTEGA: my bestfriend Pearly, we call each other best too.. I love her sexy figure..(but she speaks a little too fast), SHe loves hotdog and qoutes hahaha...been through a lot too... test by time, and love GO girl!!

SARAH JEAN TISARA: pretty quite as I know here before.. but evrybody likes her.. shes cute and reserved yet kalog.!

HONEY ROSE CABALO: the GIRL GUY. I love Honey for she never fail to say goodmorning ACE everyday. Talks about hair.. I love her hair... EMO.

REYNAND BUSANO: whoah! Engr. congartulations teh boy next door.. yeah cause we're neighbors hahaha. Reserved yet kalog too :)  member of the THREE IDIOTS (LOL) hahaha

 STEPHANIE  GRACE REGACHO:  The little Miss in teh group.. baby, sweet, vain, maldita but I love her . Its been a while I have not seen this girl.. They said she so different now.. Hope to see you soon
FRICIAN GRACE HIBANADA:  Craftswoman, She really has a talent for arts.. and a kid lover, cute, kalog, funny and super talented Frician...
RHOANNE BANTAWIG: I admire Rhoanne. The only girl I believe I will always look up too :) Thank God for her talents:)
LOVELY GRANADA: We're sitmates and yes! I admire her too, SHe writes very well, smart gurl full of dreams... Hope to see you soon love:)

and two beautiful ladies I met in Tulunan... thank you for accepting me..

SHERRYL BENDITA: I spent my christmas with her and her family...Lucky girl I always say...

YMAE KAY TAASAN: born and raised in family of poliicians . Ymae is such a friednly girl...Sometimes I am mistaken as her sister... I wonder why... All of them are tall girls... an dpretty and sexy... hehe :)


  1. Just read this by accident. Didn't know I was part of your most remembered people, Ace~ Jaysil I miss you! Bless you too and oh it's been really a looooong while.

  2. just wow.. just read this while searching for lagao national logo.. my wife is here.. :)



you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo