Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Saturday Night!


I boyfriend and I went out last Saturday night with his friend Arn and his wife ( It was their 5 year anniversary!!) woohh!! Let us congratulate them.

I had a chance to have a picture of myself however my beybi didn't upload it :'(


I didn't know where were goin and so I decided to pull a look that would be safe. I always believe that shorts can never go wrong! ( I have a lot os shorts lols) and so I wear this outfittt!!!

I play the look with this handmade orange sheer top ( YES! I sew it myself and it's literally hand made..) Orange is my new favorite color..

high waist blue faded cut-off this shorts because it makes my butt look bigger ( I am very proud of my beautify behind.. haha..that's the main reason why i love to wear shorts.. )

a pair of ipanema sleeper to match my lame/bright outfit!!

It was a lame Saturday night.. I am not suppose to go out :( it just that my bestfriend had a date that night ...while dolling her I get jealous.. (I always do) and decided to join my beybi's night out!!

I love vintage accesories...




you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo