Thursday, September 20, 2012


It's been 6 long years since I have not seen my classmate Ralston. I would always remembr him as the eyebrow guy whom my bestfroiend Pearly had a crush on before lol. Pearly has a lot of crushes anyway...

It was last week probably September 14, my friend Charles and gerald visited and told me that Raston ( tonton as we call him) just passed the licensure examination for engineer! YES! so congratulations tonton!!! Engr Ralston Sagun!!

Sarah my friend sent me a message the next day that tonton will be here in Davao (for he has to stay in Cebu for his review.) and we are goin out :)

We met at Abreeza Mall around 7PM and as always I am late as usual harhar. I was just supposedly late for 30 mins but because Sarah keep on tel;ling me that they are in Arcade that Abreeza doesnt have I was lost! '(we met fina'lly)


looking for a place to dine in we found this cafe.  The ambiance was festive with bright colors, orange, green splashed all over the place and the wall is just amazing

We had dinner togethr at Moon Cafe
It is located at the 2nd floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao in between Bigby’s Cafe and Hukad.

Oh! I belong.. I was just wearing orange with yellow green... I can simply hide in here lol

 The yummiest juice ever!


so orange

from left: Engr. Ralston sagun, me off course (I am so chinita here) and my pakner Edward Cruz II

It's me nad Jiggzs!!! my pakner ( he was my JS prom DATE! lol)

I always remneber how we fake being so sweet just to win the sweetest couple on our JS prom. lol

The new Enginner!

and again :)

you don't look like a teacher pakner! hahaha

my pakner Jigzs, Sarah Tisara and Engr. Tonton


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