Thursday, September 20, 2012


hello fireness!!

Another fungry moment.... My boyfriend and I went shopping (windows shopping actually hahaha) at Abreeza Mall in Davao just killing time and heres what we find:

MOCHI ICE CREAM also called Mochiko is a Japanese Ice Cream and you can find one here in Davao, YES! There is a stall in Abreeza mall it's the  Mochi Creme and it’s cheap at under Php50.

They also have strawberry, mango, chocolate and purple yam (ube) flavor. I hope they would come up with some more like avocado and coffee.

I got the manggo flavored mochi creme

my boyfriend is having fun...with his avocado falovored mochi

texting while waiting for our mochis

mochis!!! so colorful...

They have tales too to those who wants to savor their mochis in the area.

You can follow the Mochi Creme Facebook Page if you want to be updated when they will be available in Manila.

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