Saturday, September 29, 2012

HighPond Resort

It's been almost a year now... November 30 it was... We had our family reunion.. my brothera nd sisters, and their families together..on my mom's birthday. Well, my mom's birthday is actually November 24 it just happened that we are all working so we had it on a Saturday.

We held it at Highpond Resort in Tirl davao City, we had some sort of fellowship together.. it's just a get-together party..we had dinner and we slept together.

playing on the water... the pool is nice:)
bonding with nieces...

and they're bigger than I am haha

We rented  Suite no 2

i love it here

just palying around with my bestfriends... she's the one taking pictures of me hahaha


and there she is at last she got her shot hahaha

I love the place because of its native look...

Good MOrning! time to take a bath...

but if you prefer a morning swim instead

going up to see the high pond!

the high pond...

I was angry because my bestfriend was not able to took a picture of me before this

drama lang..

standing in the woodway

oh.. so beautiful

at the chapel...look scary...though

my bestfriend Angel

I love this picture

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