Thursday, September 20, 2012


"MUSIC sole songbirds to sing solace lullabies enclosed clumsy being"

I love music and wonderin why music doesn't like me haha. yeah...aside from being a fashion designer, I am as well a frustrated concert queen and wishes to be like Anne Curtis. ( Anne is my idol. She is one of teh prettiest girl in the world for me.)

I am thinking of producing my own album and my own concert. I know, Its gonna be platinum :)... I decided to have a photoshoot of myself for the cover ( wahahaha )

this probably be my album cover... (hehe) I started learning guitar at the age of 13 and been amazed with it.. I know how to play with chords I just cant identify if i am doin it correctly.. they call it note deff

                                                ACCOUSTIC PRINCESS JING!
sorry Princess but your reign has come to an end. haha I am the new accoustic princess lol.

TOP: white top with orange dots from SM department store
JEANS: Crissa Jeans from SM department Store
Boots: thrifted

Jacket: Freego (customized)

I look pretty fiereced her.. POGI!

Do I look like a pro?? haha

TOP:  Long Sleeves by Angel
JEANS: Crissa Jeans from SM department Store
Boots: thrifted

I believe I am so POGI

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you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo