Tuesday, April 24, 2012

7 Ways to Enjoy your SUMMER

Good day everyone!

I was walking outside the house looking for some refreshment when I suddenly think about writing something about summer. Yeah summer is here! 

I always love summer (but I actually don't like to be always under the sun) the feeling of happiness would always be associated with summer. Happiness , adventure and excitement! Summer is all about having FUN under the SUN!

Now here are 7 ways on how to enjoy your summer vacation.


 If you live where there are many hiking trails, then I know you have been excited for the arrival of warm weather. Watch out though, because snakes are on the prowl during the summer.


Well, we've done it before my brother and I would actually go fishing during summer. It;s our only time to be together and we spends almost all of it by fishing!! It's fun guys... you should try it sometimes.


Invite all your friends and have lots of fun. Share your personal experiences and other interesting incidents amidst a dark night. You can also listen to your favorite music and rock the dance floor (the area around the fire)! You can play guitar and drink some beer.. It's fun and relaxing!


I always wanted to do camping. It's fun! really.. The best camping that I ever had is at Majayjay Falls in Laguna.  So, If you enjoy camping, then we know you cannot wait for those warmer weather. Whether you are at a campground or away from all amenities, camping is fun. Camping with friends and family is always a great way to spend those hot summer months.

3. Have some  HALO HALO and ICE CREAM

Summer is not summer with out halo-halo here i the Philippines. I could have halo-halo every day hahaha also Summer’s just not the same without eating an ice-cream. Everybody loves it and there’s always a new flavor to try! 


How can swimming be forgotten in the summers? Definitely one of the best enjoyments for people of all age groups. It doesn’t matter that whether you have your set of swimming goggles or not, just go in there and have fun. Just remember that you should know how to swim!

 Last, but not at all least, it’s the best time to go for vacation. Leaving work, troubles, stress back, take your luggage, some good friends, book a hotel and have some amazing days far from your routine.

Have FUN this SUMMER!! :)


  1. balang araw gagawin ku dn mga yan :D

    1. @belotkulet: thanl you for stopping by...
      hahaha I know you can... Have fun.. while you can :)



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