Friday, April 6, 2012

Thanks Cebu Pacific for the delay!

So it's a super late post about our trip last February.. hahaha!! I went to Manila and the only money I have in my pocket is 3,000. Yes! Only three thousand pesos! and plus 1 thousand pesos from Jessie! 

My flight schedule was 2:30 PM for Cebu Pacific February 17.

I woke up early in the morning like 8am to prepare my things and to buy fruits for pasalubong at Bankerohan. I went home arount 10am and I decided to sleep for a while...

Check Bankerohan fruits:

see how beautiful those...fruits are...

Well and I woke up at 2pm what the... I'm late for my flight! 
In God's grace! thank you Cebu Pacific flight..our flight is delayed for 1 hour and 30minutes!! I know I know..It's not really a good thing for other passenger but that delayed has saved my ass for not getting my flight and say goodbye to my three thousand pesos airfare!!!so thank you Cebu Pacific!!! hahaha

Manila at 6pm February 17,2012

You what makes that flight fun?? I met a new friend named Waleed. He works for RedCross and he is based in Kuwait... nice meeting him, also not to mention I flew with Arnel Ignacio..I mean I was with him on that same plane!!!

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