Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Summer 2013♥

I definitely love the beach...

When summer vacation finally rolls around, the only thing my mind-is to go to the beach.  For some it was a dreadful thing but not for my friends and me. It meant gettin.

As it is with every summer, there seems never to be enough time to enjoy all the simple things in life. I can still remember the excitement and enthusiasm I shared with my friends-I should sure share it with my family....

I suppose those precious minutes are spent being lazy and doing simply nothing, why, because of the simple fact that you could. And who could forget the exciting island hoping,  the whole trip worth-while. It was, I think, one of the best summers I had experienced. It is almost inevitable to begin day dreaming about next summer, about a more efficient way to do all the things you did not have time for. Drawing from many personal experiences as a child I can honestly ask, gee what would it be like to be a kid again. You also begin to wonder what happen to the strategic plan of utilizing your time to enjoy every minute of your much needed vacation. 

This year I had it shared with my new friends; hope to share more summer days with;

When we had finally got out of the water I heard Kim say "bata dugaya oi". It was time to go already; the time seemed to go so quick. I got out of the water and dried myself with the lime green towel that we had brought with us, we dried ourselves with egg white to make sure we wont get sun burn-which is a FAILURE!. I then rubbed the sand off my feet, got changed and walked back to the car with my friends-aqnother round of capture moments. Around five long hours after we had started driving I fell asleep and the next thing I knew we were home. 

"I'm back to Davao"

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you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo