Wednesday, June 20, 2012





Do you agree women that we are unpredictable? yeah probably most of us are upredictable (except that my boyfriend can always predict my mood and my wants haha) If that would be the case it could either be you are a girl who does follow scripts (meaning a fake! or just an actress peace! ) or the person really knows you a lot! and in my case off course I know my boyfriend know me alot!! To those who disagree???  GO TO HELL! This is my fucking blog! (peace again)


A girl likes pink wants to buy something pink and when she goes to the mall saw a blue dress and oh! she would say I love that blue dress and forget about the thought of buying a pink dress which is her reason to go to the mall anyway.

Another example.

She wakes up early in the morning like a fucking heaven and Earth just collapsed with her face frowning like even a professional painter would have hard time to paint her face and then suddenly it changes and is now feeling like she won a ticket around the world! 


Oh yes! We love to laways be the apple of the eye! Who won't? Girls would love to have your attention and we easily get pissed if were talking to you and your holding your phone like you are waiting for some god to call or text you!  or watching your watch every now and then or looking somewhere else. You know how it feels?? It feels like were fucking boring and that you don't even have time to listen to our bullshit! Oh my God guys! even if were talking bullshit please please have the decency of listening. Show some respect!


Tsk! You want toi get girls to fuck you? or love you (to those who hates reading bad words I kinda love the word FUCK AND BULLSHIT today so just skip those word ok?) Surprise her! That's how my boyfriend got me hahaha he surprise me by renting a room los not really he actually slept on my armpit and snore that's a little bit of a surprise or a stanger to sleep at your armpit ayt?.. hahaha

Surpises are romantic for girls (please exclude some I am talking in general) If you surprise them, it turns them on. They would  feel that they should do something for you too. But oh!  a sweet surprise please not a box of bomb or a heart of your mom!! Oh God please nobody wants a murderer for God's sake!  Put some chocolates or flowers in her locker and oh oh oh don't put in her table where everybody can see not all girls loves advertisement! Do it privately ok? For some pathetic woman who wants to let everyone know somebody is courting her would probably love it?? but oh! We loves attention but not to be a talk of the town just because we got some pretty surprises from you! That's ironic its for you to understand hahaha


Oh oh! you won't believe me? Oh yes we are! We love the BUZZ!! but we do not like talking about ourselves darling we talk about somebody else buzz! hahahha so when you see a group of young women talking I 'llbet a hundred bucks! They are'nt talking about themselves but they are talking about you! (If in case I am wrong I withdraw the bet hahaha peace again)   


We are born liers. Dis agree girls? Oh for God sake be honest! Ifg someone asks you how are you today whats your normal responce? I am fine.. I am ok.. but the truth is your not!


While your looking for some karenderia (you do not have money to go to the restaurant or even mc donalds beacuse you're fucking broke) and happens to meetr your friends going to mac donalds to have some lunch asked you to come with them Girls would say OH I'm done. Just had my luch crap!


Your crushasked you for a date this coming Friday night for some fancy restaurant. You would gladly say YES! but if your crush asked you for a lunch at your cafeteria and let you pay for your own meal (what the fuck! In your mind you would say it's ok he is my crush anyway and you'll lie to him by saying thanks for the time CRUSh!!!!! 


A girl would love to actually watch movies, loves to dress up and oh God! please don not forget make up and shopping! ( I am talking about a normal girl not a freak out girl born on 1960s ok?) Girls love to shop. and  boys if you happend to  have some problem with your girlfriends or you've done something wrong I am telling you.. buy her some clothes some dress or a pair shoes girls would give sometimes to think about being mad at you or say thank you instead. 

One more thing, buy things that we like (according to our taste not to your tase!) BANG! tlak to the door! 


Girls may forget everything but not your monthsary or anniversary and especially your promisses! So if in case guys you happened to have a girlfriend or girlfriends? You got cellphone right put it on your calendar because it would be a a world war III!!


Aprreciation is also one thing we wanna hear from you guys. Girls loves to be appreciated in every way possible and corrected. These two must go hand in hand. If you happened to correct her mistake make sure you appreciate her effort first. 


Nobody wants to be left behind. If you happend to have girlfriend MR. please make her feel she belongs to your  life. What is your purpose of having her anyway if you can't have her part of your life? Introduce her to your friends and family! That is if you ahve nothing to hide!!!!  Girls wants to be part of your plan too. Remeber she is a walking planner that would be something she will have to write in her mind before everything else. She must ne included in your life! For gilrs.. give them some space too.. guys needs some air sometimes.let them have their guys night out! 


Belive me or not? Girls search better than FBI or CIA, espacially the jealous one. We are very powerful when it comes to that and so knowledgeable. If you think your girl doesnt know your doing something behind our back? oh no! you're wrong! We just pretend that we don't to save the relationship or just beacuse we trust you so much! 



  1. Haha! It's so true! But I don't think they're ugly truths though. Those things makes women who they(we) are. :D

    1. @kathree: hahaha I know... some unique characteristics that sometimes make us laugh.. its ugly because we tend to hide these personalities...

      anyway thank you for stopping by :)

  2. hahaha this is one of my favorite and i agree with you



you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo