Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: The Last Samurai

I was just watching the last samurai which I ahve been watching for the many many times now.


A Civil War veteran, turned Winschester guns spokesman Woodrow Algren, arrives in Japan in the late 1870s to train the troops of the Emperor Meiji as a part of break away of the long held tradition on relying on employed samurai warriors to protect teretories (which for me is a little bit pathetic action- why on Earth an Emperror wants to vanished a so called tradition whom which protects the entire country for long? instead it should have just add the gun soldies into his arm. BOGO JUD!) Meiji's new army prepares to wipe out the remaining samurais.

Captain Algren was injured during the first encountered was captured by the samurais. He then was taken cared by the wife of the captain he slane. (damn it! if I was the wife I could have killed Captain Algren. hahaha good thing it wasn't me ) He learned samurais warrior code from Katsumo (the samurai leader) He also learned how decipline they were and the reason why they're fighting.  In the end it is in him on which side of the conflict he wants to be on. 

This movie has tought me a lot of things. After all thses advancements in technology  and warships, we should these Japanese always have the heart of not forgetting their ancestors, who they are and what they are.

I always adore japanese for their bravery and patriosm. From the very beginning of the world. 

I read alot of books about them and so amazed but off course I should not forget how they treated our country , yeah they were rude to us but nevertheless the bravery has been shown. hahaha am I so very pro- japan? 

I get all these ideas after watching this movie so please forgive me to those who are very patriotic filipinos out there who may be able to read this blog. (I wish there is somebody reading lols)

So fireness if you happened to go to a movie rental houses or wanted to buy  dvds try to watch these movie, you'll be allure with Tom Cruise and how he protrayed to be Captain Woodrow Algren.

and oops..(the DVD is original ok.? hehehe)

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