Wednesday, June 20, 2012


OK.  so this is another movie review for me. I;ve been watching alot of movies lately at home beacuse I've been sick and I can't go out as much as I would love to as well as I don not have movie to go out with friends these day ahahha am f*cking poor.

and so I watch the Black Swan some of you must be ver familiar with it because it has been out in the theater way back and  I am so sorry that I have only watched it now hahaha I know.. I knbow I am so late to have this review but please just let me hahaha and I am begging lols.

Ok it is about a ballerina named Nina (anyway I wanted to be a ballerina before I just can't for a lot of reasons) She is describe by her fellow dancers as a very fragile and a very sweet girl. 

She lives with her mother and a very hard working dancer. She worked hard to get the main role of a swan queen .  It is a story of a princess turned into a swan by her hideous twin the black swan. She needs a prince and a true love to turn her back into a lady desperate enough she killed herself which turnes out to be real. She experienced alot of paranormal senses laike seeing another her . 

Ok.  It is an extraordinary intoxicating masterpiece indeed. hahaha better watch it. Becaus eI need to watch it again to finish this review lols.
Thanks again for stopping by.

God Speed.:)

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