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ACW for DUTERTE (Assembly Of Contact Center/BPO Workers for DUTERTE)

             ACW for DUTERTE (Assembly Of Contact Center/BPO Workers for DUTERTE)

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A week ago, I received an invitation from a friend about this ACW. It excites me since I am an avid fan and a supporter of Duterte. I wanted to join, but due to some circumstances I wasn't able to do so-


April 30, 2015 (Saturday)
Rizal Park

This is an open invitation to those who are working or have worked in a BPO environment, whether you are an agent, a team leader, a manager, a trainer, a workforce or quality analyst, or part of admin, recruitment, IT, accounting or any back office team, or even home-based. 

We will start with a motorcade at 3pm. Please PM me if you want to join the motorcade so we can get the necessary permit (number of vehicles is a concern).

Program will start at 4pm. It is still a work in progress so we need all the help we can get. If you know solo performers, dancers, bands, event hosts etc. w
ho are willing to share their talents, please let me know.

If you are a photo or video enthusiast who can whole-heartedly cover the event, please PM the organizers, too. We need to show the world how it is possible for us to come together for our country despite our crazy schedules.

Let's paint the town red and blue. Print and bring your own campaign materials. Event graphic designs are in the works. PM me your email address if you need a soft copy so we can send it to you once available.

We need volunteers to put this event together. Comment "ME" below if you are willing to sweat out to help out.

Bring your own food and water, and then CLAYGO as we always do here in Davao.

Lastly, spread the word. Feel free to pass the message on to fellow hardworking BPO Workers!

Let's ACW for Duterte! 


So, I compiled pictures and comments from the page itself instead. To all who attended, thank you for the support!! Go for Gold Mayor Duterte-soon to be Mr. President. 

Kudos to all organizer! It was a success! smile emoticon from Onscore team, kaisa kami sa pag babago Sa gobyernong totoo! Mabuhay po tayong lahat! God bless Mayor Rody Duterte!! #du30 #ducay — withOvit Ravina and Bharby Sebastian.
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"A leader must be a terror to the few who are evil in order to protect the lives and well-being of the many who are good."

_Rodrigo Duterte

 — with Mitch Cedeño and Saleh Lagunsay.

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