Saturday, October 5, 2013

I am 24♥

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for my life , for another year of great outpouring of blessings you have given me and my family. Thank you so much for your unconditional love, for your grace, mercy , for the wisdom and all the things you have given me and my love ones. You never leave me nor forsake me . You are always on my side in all times in all season & thank you so much for more blessings you will in store for me and I know and I believed that you still have best plans for me and I trust you in every way...Thank you so much for the 24 years of life. I thank you for the great family, friends and all the people I met along this journey. I love you and I will always will.

A Birthday Prayer♥

Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life.
Thank you for all the people who remembered me today
by sending cards, and letters, gifts and good wishes.

Thank you for all the experience of this past year;
for times of success which will always be happy memories,
for times of failure which reminded me of my own weakness and of my need for you,
for times of joy when the sun was shining,
for times of sadness which drove me to you.

Forgive me
for the hours I wasted,
for the chances I failed to take,
for the opportunities I missed this past year.
Help me in the days ahead to make this the best year yet,
and through it to bring good credit to myself,
happiness and pride to my loved ones,
and joy to you. Amen.

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you have a very nice blog.. love those pictures... take care.. xoxo